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Stratego has simple enough rules for young children to play, but a depth of strategy that is also appealing to adults.

The game is a slightly modified copy of an early 20th century French game named L'Attaque.

When the player wants to attack, they move their piece onto a square occupied by an opposing piece.

Both players then reveal their piece's rank; the weaker piece (see exceptions below) is removed from the board.

If the engaging pieces are of equal rank, both are removed.

A piece may not move onto a square already occupied unless it attacks. One special piece is the Bomb which only Miners can defuse.

The latter part of the rule has been quietly ignored in most play.It has been licensed to manufacturers like Milton Bradley, Hasbro and others, as well as retailers like Barnes & Noble, Target stores, etc.Stratego is from the French or Greek strategos (var. Greek army; The game box contents are a set of 40 gold-embossed red playing pieces, a set of 40 silver-embossed blue playing pieces, a glossy folding 15-1/2" x 18-1/2" rectangular cardboard playing board imprinted with a 10x10 grid of spaces, and instructions printed in English on the under side of the box top.It immediately eliminates any other piece striking it, without itself being destroyed.Each player also has one Spy, which succeeds only if it attacks the Marshal, or the Flag.

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